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Leads Widget is the new smart communication platform that helps you easily interact with website visitors and customers, and instantly boost customer satisfaction.

Every website visitor is a potential customer interested in what you offer. This is when the lead is the hottest and the easiest to convert. Connect them with your sales team while they are still on your website.

With Lead Widget, you can connect with all your website visitors to answer calls, text messages, emails, or live chats from one simple mobile app, no matter where they are. 

With Lead Widget, you are able to generate more leads and increase your conversion rates!

Our call analytics dashboard will provide you with reports and data about your lead generation and sales efforts. Improve your conversion rate by analyzing what happened before, during, and after a call.

What is Lead Widget?

How Does It Work?

On your website, in the right or left-hand corner, a customizable widget will invite your visitor to click on it to make contact.

Once clicked upon, your potential customer will be offered a customizable pop-up that prompts them to enter a phone number for an instant or later call back or text message. All pop-ups are responsive and show beautifully on any device, leaving a “Wow” effect on your website visitor.

If your visitor chooses to be called back, our widget creates the call between you and the website visitor at the scheduled time. After the conversation, the visitor will receive a Text message expressing your gratitude, and the business owner can also listen to a recorded conversation in his CRM.

If your visitor chooses text messaging as their preferred contact channel, you can use a simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text messages online or on the go.

Lead Widget  Works On Any Website

WordPress - Wix - Weebly - Click Funnels - Online Stores

Why Do I Need Lead Widget?

To Fix The Number One Problem Every Business Has:
Lack of Leads and Sales.

​​​​​​​ Is your website getting enough visitors, but not enough leads? 

And, more importantly, are the leads not converting to actual sales?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then the problem could be “Conversions”.

On Average, 95% of all the website visitors don’t contact the business and the visitor gets lost without making a sale. 

Many visitors want to contact businesses, but in their preferred way and time.

Every user who visits your website is your potential customer, interested in your offer.

By providing your website visitors an easy way to contact you either via phone call, SMS message, Appointment, Email, or other means, a lead can be converted into a sale.

​​​​​​​Your speed in responding to leads is crucial.

In Lead Response Time, every minute matters.

Making a prospect wait longer than 5 minutes means an 80% decrease in lead qualification.

Your potential customers visit your website and want a response from you instantly.

​​​​​​​Convert more of your website visitors into qualified leads.

Driving relevant traffic to your website is hard work and getting those visitors to convert is even harder. 

We give you the tools and data to help you track how you are performing.

Increase inbound sales calls from your website by 20+%

Just having a phone number on your site is no longer enough. Today’s customer has little time and is busy all the time. By making it as easy as possible for them to get a callback, it massively increases your chances of speaking to them.  

Instantly turn website visitors into sales calls.

This is the #1 Callback Automation for your website that helps you connect with buyers faster. Our clients have seen uplifts ranging from 10% all the way to 50%, just by installing our simple-to-use callback widget.  

Convert more website visitors into leads and sales with SMS

Companies are finding that customers, especially millennials, avoid phone calls.
It's no surprise — they prefer text messaging. It only makes sense to engage with people how they feel most comfortable, especially when a sale is on the line.   

According to TextMagic: 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.

Customers want to interact using their phones, and texting is the preferred method of communication.

Most people, 90 percent, open a text within three minutes, compared with the 20 percent of people who even open an email message at all. Texts have a response rate of 45 percent compared to email's 6 percent.

Get a stronger return on investment with emails

What happens if a customer tries to call when you’re not there to answer?
If you don’t have an email contact form, they’ll probably give up and go to a competitor. That’s why you need a contact form as well as a phone number.

One of the biggest benefits of using email to communicate with your website visitors is that nearly everyone uses email. Lead Widget would not be complete if it did not have the Emailing option. 

In fact, 92% of online website visitors use email.

You also have the option to turn an email into a phone call by asking the phone number in the form. With the built-in Instant Connect technology, you can have Lead Widget convert the email to initiate a call between you and the website visitor, which will lead to maximum sales conversions. 

Convert more leads into sales with Appointments

Based on before-and-after research with booked meetings, about 40% of inbound leads that request a meeting on your website actually convert into paying clients. 

Businesses are missing new customers every single day because they are making it very difficult to book an appointment.

Convert more leads into meetings with Instant Inbound scheduling automation.

Lead Widget lets you create your own booking links with zero technical know-how.

Chat Box

Easily Respond to your customers the minute they reach out to you with the Lead Widget chat widget. Turn website visitors into customer satisfaction and sales.

Lead Widget beta testers have experienced sky-high conversions
because of the interactive nature of Lead Widget Chat.

"30% of the people who come through our doors
started their conversation with the Connect Boss Widget on our website - Matthew Rasmussen."


 Instant Call Back

 Text Auto-Reply

 Automated Notification

 Responsive Design

 Two-way Texting in Mobile App

 24/7 Automatic Call Retry

 Real-Time Reporting    

 Setup Wizard      

 24/7 Call Scheduling

 International Number

 Customizable Widget

 Text Notifications

Easy Setup

Within a matter of minutes, easily customize a way for your visitors to call, book an appointment, chat or text, directly from your website.

Ready to bring in new leads every single day?

 Customers are online 24/7. Now you are, too.  

 Capture more leads on your website with 24/7 Lead Widget

 Respond to your customers the minute they reach out to you with the Lead widget.

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